- Echange uniquement, il n'y a rien à vendre
- Only trade, not for sale
Wymiana wylacznie, nie ma nic  do sprzedania
Je recherche vieille K7 demo, rehearsal, live - punk/oi 80'
pas de MP3 et CD-R du net, pas de son PC.
Poszukuje starych kaset punk/oi 80', w zadnym wypadku MP3, CD-R z NET-U
I'm looking for old recording but only from tapes. Please no MP3 or PC SOUNDS. Only "true" tapes. I need only tapes or CD-R (directly from the tapes).
                                                                                                                                           Andrzej Getka
 *  -trade for ultra rare recording-------------.


CD-R  PUNK/OI - -  SWIAT/WORLD/MONDE/-----4 february 2020
* ---------trade for ultra rare recording

 THE ABDUCTORS-" subarban unrest"demo 83  6t * uk
ABH –live 83/08/23- 100club-  10t  uk
ABH –demo 82- 4t uk
ABH-demo83 -4t uk
ABRASIVE WHEELS -live 4/03/82 -skunx -15t  uk*
ABORTION SQUAD-demo83 21t us*
ABUSED/THE/- demo 83  7t * uk
ABUSER -demo 82 - 4t* us
ABUSIVE ACTION- demo85 us* 16t
ACCUSED-demo82  5t uk*
ACTIVISTS- demo 82/11- 9t uk
ADICTS/THE/- demo 78-  4t  uk
ADICTS /THE/ -Peel session 79-  4t* uk
ADICTS/THE/-live at moonlight club 22/02/82  -13t uk
ADIEKSODO/ APOGNOSH -split tape demos 86  7t/8t * gr
ADICTS/THE/ -demo 82''adicted'' 7t  uk
AGENT BULLDOGG- demo9? - 4t * sweden
ADRENALIN  O.D.-  demo82- 5t  us
AGNOSTIC FRONT  -session 85  -11t us
A-HEADS -pickwick studio 82  10t* uk
A-HEADS/ SUBHUMANS "14 months to go" swindon 14/05/82  15t/9t * uk
AKUTT INNELEGGELSE -demo84 - norge*
ALLIED/THE/ -demo82-10t* us
ALLIED/THE/-demo 82?  7t* us
ALMA Y LOS CADAVRES-demo83 6t* spain  pre cocadictos
AMERICAN WASTE -demo ? us*  5t* us
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-live 100club 27/10/81- 18t* uk
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-bridgehouse -27/01/81- 21t*uk
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-live in marquee 82-19t* uk
AGENT 86- flipside tape 85/86 ? 3t*
ANGRY SAMOANS -demo 81 - 12t  us
ANGRY YOUTH-demo82  all american hero 11t* us
ANOTHER MAN'S  POISON -demo''Get ready to... rumble'' 7t  uk
ANRHEFN- demo 83-?  7t * uk wales
ANTICS -demo 86? "anarchie à l'élysée" 7t* fr
ANTICS-rehearsal 86? 12t* fr
ANTI ARMY-rerhearsal 8?  6t* italy
ANTI DOGMATIKSS- demo84 - 11t  spain
ANTIMAGUIS-"ingobernables" demo87 8t*sp
ANTI NOVERLEAGUE - clarendon -  live 10/06/81  -9t  uk
ANTI NOVERLEAGUE- country club reseda ca 13 t  4/04/82 uk *
ANTI PASTI-live roadmenders-northampton 27/6/81  -11t
ANTI PATIK-demo 92''trouve ta force dans la oi''-10t fr
ANTI PATIK-rehearsal 92/93- 28t * fr
ANTI SECT- demo 82 5t uk *
ANTI SECT -dem 82 /2/  3t * uk
ANTI SOCIAL -demo-"new punks"7t + live at the rehearsal rooms81' 7t  * uk
ANTI SOCIAL –rehearsal 83 -15t *  uk
ANTI SOCIAL - live 15/4/82  preston warehouse
ANTI SYSTEM -demo 82   5t* uk
ANTI YOUTH - demo 86/05  us  7 t *
ANTHRAX –demo 82 - 7t uk
A.O.D - w.f.m.u cast orange ny 6/09/82  - 16t* us
A.O.T -"music to eat light bulbs by"  demo84  9t* canada
ARTICLES OF FAITH-demo82 4t  us
ASOCIAL –demo 83 -13t  sweden
ASOCIAL-demo's  19t sweden
ASPERITY'S-demo 82   10t*  holland
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-rehearsal 17/02/86- 7t us
AUTODEFENCA-live-demo? 1/85- 5t  spain
AWFUL NOISE-demo82 9t* netherlands

BAD BRAINS –demo 78 -  4t us
BAD BRAINS- rehearsal  78-  6t  us
BAD BRAINS-demo79  - 6t us
BAD BRAINS-demo80 -7t us
BAD BRAINS- max's kansas city ny 02/79 19t * us
BAD INFLUENCE-demo82 "wreak havoc !?!" us/california/*
B.A.P-demo86/03 - 15t spain
BEDROVLERS –demo 83 -11t  sweden
BLACK IDEAL rehearsal85?  6t greece
BETRAYED –demo 86''forever england''  8t*  uk
BETRAYED-demo85- 4t* uk
B.I.U- demo82  4t  us
BLITZ -live at lyceum 1/04/82  -15t*   uk
BLITZ-live 100club 8/12/81-13t* uk
BLITZKRIEG –demo 83  5t   uk
BLOOD LAKE-demo86 us *
BLOODY FUCKERS- demo84 " on est pas très sérieux" 3t* fr
BLOODY FUCKERS - demo85 " la folie ordinaire" 6t* fr
BLOODY FUCKERS- session 86- 6t* fr*
B.K.S - pre infanterie sauvage   rehearsal 81  3t*  fr
BODY CHECKS - rehearsal 82  5t germany
BOISTEROUS -demo91 - boot bairns 5t* uk
BOITO KIDS- demo 83 5t*   it
BOMBA ZA SISTEM-demo93?  7t yu
BRISTLES - demo83 "ban the punkshops"  15t*  sweden
BRITISH BORN -demo 87  7t*  uk
BRUTAL ASSAULT-demo85 "screaming venges"- 15t us*
BULDOG SKIN-demo 92 -7t   it
BULLOCKS/THE/-first demo  -5t malsya
BURIAL-demo84  4t uk
BUSINESS/THE/ -live at'' Dunois''-Paris 8/03/87* -15t* uk
BUSINESS/THE/-live at tomangoes-covenrty 85  11t* uk
BUSINESS/THE/-live at adam+eves-leeds 14/05/86-14t uk
BUSINESS:/THE/-live at Skunx 28/05/82 -11t*uk
THE BUSINESS- "oi pour la France" diff ; live 86/88- 19 t * uk
BUTCHER- demo84,ep,v/a--24t* uk

CANCEROUS GROWTH- demo-live cbgb 84 10t* us
CATATONICS-demo84 -4t* us
CAPITOL PUNISMENT -demo 82- 8t   us
CAUSTIC DEFIANCE- demo83-enough talk 17t us*
CENSORED- demo 84 11t uk *
CENSORED-demo 84 march   uk *
CHARNIER -demo ''explosif''  6t fr
CHANNEL RATS-live in germany84 /split war  of destruction/13t deutschland *
CHAOS -demo 80 - 9t uk*
CHAOS - demo83 - 7 t uk*
CHRIST ON PARADE- demo85 - 7t* us
C.I.A- demo82- 12t us
CICATRIZ EN LA MATRIZ-demo83  7t* spain *
CICATRIZ EN LA MATRIZ- live 26/5/85  -13t spain
CIVILISED SOCIETY ? - demo july 84  - 16t uk*
CIVILISED SOCIETY ?- demo march 85 - 5t uk *
C.K.N- demo85 holland 20t*
CIRCLE  ONE -demo/1/  8t*  us
CLASS WAR -demo 84  5t*-  it
CLOCKWORK  SOLDIERS-demo 84- 3t uk
CLOCKWORK  SOLDIERS- live 84- 13t uk *
COCADITOS –demo 84  -13t  spain
COCKNEY MOLOTOV -rehearsal 80 pre infanterie sauvage*  4t  fr
COCKNEY REJECTS-bridgehouse 10/3/81  19t* uk
COLLABOS/LES/-demo83 - 3t fr
COLDITZ -rehearsal 84(post infanterie sauvage) 5t*  fr
COMBAT 84 - live at preston ware house 14/07/82 - 10t uk
COMBAT 84 -live at 100club 6/1/83  14t uk*
COMMANDO SUICIDA –demo 86 -6t   argentina
COMITTED -demo's 81/83  28t*  uk
CONDEMNED–demo 85/08 -6t *    schotland
CONDEMNED 84- demo84 " approved" - 5t* uk
CONDEMNED84 - live westcliffe hotel- clacton - 11t* uk
CONDEMNED 84-live at adam +eves -leeds 85  -6t uk*
CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE- ‘’law victim’’ demo 82 -5t *  uk
CONEMRAD –‘’soldato del asfalto’’ demo 87 -10t   spain
CONFLICT-live-musicans collective samden 7/6/82* 9t uk
CONFLICT- live clarendon - london 7/11/81- 9t* uk
CONTEMPT –demo-86 uk
CONTRORDRES "plein la gueule"-demo 09/85  6t fr*
CORUPTED  MORAL- demo 86 ''think about it demo''  11t  us
CORRUPTED MORALS- rehearsal 86  5t* us
CRISE TOTAL-live26/10/84  18t* portugal
CRISE TOTAL- live's 86/87- 32t* portugal
CRIME -demo82-9t uk
CRIMINAL CLASS -demo 84 - 3t  uk
CRIMINAL CLASS -live at skunx 82/06/5*   -8t  uk
CRIMINAL DAMAGE   - demo 82  -6t    uk
CRIMINAL JUSTICE- demo85  -9t  uk
CRUDE SS –demo 82 sweden
CRUX –reh81  6t  uk
CRUX –demo 81  8t    uk*
CRUX – live 82 skunx club -5t   uk
CRUX – live at brinigham 82 -8t   uk
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER -rehearsal85/08/13  8t us*
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER -rehearsal 85/10/19  10t us*
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER -radio city-anaheim 85  9t us*

DEAD KENNEDYS-live-14/11/79-portland 16t  us
149 DEAD MARINES - demo 83 ''basement''   14t  us
149 DEAD MARINES –demo 84- 19t  us*
DEAD WRETCHED -live 31/03/82 skunx 15t*   uk
DEAD WRETCHED rehearsal 81 9 t* uk
DEATH SENTENCE –demo 81 -7t  uk *
DEATH SENTENCE- demo84- 8t canada *
DECIBELIOS- live85  7t spain
DECIBELOS –grande exitos –oi tape 87   11t   spain
DEEP WOUND -demo 82  13t*   us
DEEP WOUND-complet session for ep 14t* us
D-FEKT -demo 83 6t uk *
DEMENTED YOUTH- demo82  12 t * us
DESSAHUCIADOS-demo86 6t* sp
DESERTORES DEL ARADO-rehearsal 86 7t* sp
DESTRUCTORS – demo’s 20t  uk
DESTRUCTORS-demo's 21t * uk
DERANGED DICTION - demo 83 13t*  us
DEVIATED INSTINCT-demo86 11t*  uk
DEVOID-demo82  9t uk*
DIATRIBE-demo 85 "aftermath"  6t us *
DIE KREUZEN –demo82-9t - us*
DIE KREUZEN –demo 81  6t - us*
DIE KREUZEN-live84  -19t us
DIRT-live at wigan-trucks 6 may 82  - 19t* uk
DIRT- live 3 october 85  haddon hall- leeds- 12t*
DISACCORD –demo 84 -13t  sweden
DISCHARGE – live at 100club- 23/2/82- 21t*
DISCHARGE- live 15/10/82 philadelphia 18t uk *
DISCOLOKOSST-rehearsals 79/81 -14t * ch
DISCOLOKOSST- live "palladium" 81 14t* ch
DISCONTROL –demo 86 -9t   uk
DISORDER –demo 80-  8t  uk
DISTRESS-demo84  4t* yugo
DISTURB-rehearsal 8?  11t* fr
DOC.MARTEN- rehearsal85 9t* us
DOOM -demo 87 ? -6t uk
DOOM -peel session  6t* uk
DOOM -demo/1/-27/11/87--3t uk
DOOM-demo/2/- 27/11/87-6t uk
DOM DAR -demo85?- 13t sweden*
DONALD DUCK'S SKINS -demo 85  4t  italy*
DOSE BRUTAL- demo 02/87 7t*   brasil
DOSE  BRUTAL -demo? ep? ''vadia'' 7t   brasil
DRAB/THE/ -demo85  8t* us
DRASTIC ACTION – demo 83-  3t uk*
DREI O KLOK –demo85-5t
DRONGOS FOR EUROPE -live at Skunx 16/04/82  13t*  uk

EAR DAMAGE- practice february 87  belgium 25t *
EIZEN-rehearsal85  6t* spain
EJECTED/THE/– demo 82 ‘’noise for the boys’’-6t   uk
EJECTED/THE/ –live 82/04/12,skunx club- 10t*  uk
ELECTRO HIPPIES -demo85 -9t uk
ELECTRO HIPPIES -demo -8t uk*
ELECTRO HIPPIES -demo/2/  8t uk*
ELECTRO HIPPIES -demo tape send to john peel  3t  uk
ELECTRO HIPPIES -peel session 87- 6t   uk
ELECTRIC DEADS-demo  9t denmark*
ELECTRIC DEADS- demo2  15t denmark*
ELECTRIC DEADS- rehearsal 11t* denmark*
END RESULT-demo84 9t+8t  live australia*
ENEMMY /THE/  -studio /live ‘’last but no ceast’’ lp  uk
ENEMY SOUNDS-rehearsals-79  23t* australia
ENGLISH DOGS –demo 82 -7t  uk
ENOLA GAY –demo84   dk
EPIDEMIA-demo/rehearsal 82-83 ? -15t * spain /pre anti dogmatikss/
ERACAOI FATAL- demo 85  5t   brasil
ESKORBUTO CRONICO – demo -lp 83 10t  spain
ESCORBUTO CRONICO- demo82  10t spain
ESCORBUTO CRONICO -demo ?   8t* spain
ESS-live82  8t* us
ESS-demo82 8t* us
EXPELLED/THE/ - peel session 82 4t   uk
EXPELLED/THE/ -live 82 8t   uk
EXPLOITED/THE/ -live digbet  civic hall briningham 7/07/81 - 13t   uk
EXPLOITED/THE// -live at lyceum 4/05/81  -15t uk
EXTERNAL MENACE -rehearsals- early years 9t  uk
EXTERMINIO-demo84/12 -15t spain
EXTREME NOISE TERROR - peel session -8t  uk

FARMACIA DE GUARDIA-demo 82 - 5t spain
FARTZ/THE/-am music -demo83 5t* us
FATOR ZERO -demo 85 5t*   bresil
FESTERED VESTOONS -demo 87  10t *  australia
FESTERED VESTOONS- live 24/10/87 century hotel-adelaide   20t australia *
FESTERED VESTOONS- live 26/9/87 century hotel- adelaide 18t australia *
FESTERED VESTOONS- live 5/6/87 century hotel- adelaide 17t australia*
FESTERED VESTOONS- live date unknown  19t* australia
FESTERED VESTOONS- live 12/12/87 century hotel-adelaide 18t* australia
FESTERED VESTOONS- live february 88, last gig   flinders uni  13t * australia
FIEND/THE/-dem 83/01- 5t  uk
FIEND/THE/-demo84/11/8- 7t  uk
FIEND/THE/ -demo85/6/7- 5t  uk
FIEND/THE/-demo86 -3t   uk
FIEND/THE/-reh83-11t uk
FINAL CONFLICT- demo 84- 6t   us - first version
THE FITS – ''you named us tape''demo 81-11t+interwiev-  uk*
FIX /THE/-demo81 2 t* us
FIX /THE/- demo82 6t us
FOREIGN LEGION –demo 84-5t  uk
FOREIGN LEGION –demo 87 -3t  uk
FOREIGN LEGION-demo86-5t  uk
FRENCH LETTERS -  demo 86 ? 8t * fr
FRENCH LETTERS  -rehearsal  5 t * fr
FRONT LINE-demo82may  24t* us
FRONT LINE-demo82october  10t* us
FUNERAL ORATION-demo83 ""orange" (Earlier version of “Nothing...” demo) 11t  nl
FUNERAL ORATION -demo83  "Nothing left to laugh about"  demo83  11t nl

GANGLAND –demo 84 - 6t*  it
GANGRENE- demo86- 6t fr
GAROTOS  PODRES-  reh.84  7t  bresil
GBH- demo 80  4t * uk exelent sound quality
GBH –live 82 /03/13 skunx-17t uk
GENOCIDE  ASSOCIATION- "sonic lobotomy tape"  105 t * uk
GESTA BELLICA -demo92-  8t  italy
GG  ALIN-demo85 -12t  us*
GOD'S WILL- complet session for ep-august 83- 24t * us
GOD'S WILL-live 83 benny's richmond 11t* us
GOUVERNMENT ISSUE- semo81  11t   us
GOUVERNMENT ISSUE  -demo 82 ''make in effort'' 10t  us
GOUVERNMENT ISSUE -demo 82/12/11-  23t  us
GOUVERNMENT ISSUE  demo 83/O5/3  6t  us
GUERIGLIA URBANA  -demo 84 10t  italy*
GUERRILLA URBANA -live85 6t spain*
GUTERSNIPE ARMY-''never die''- lp- 11t uk
HEIMAT LOS –demo 83- 7t
HEIMAT LOSS - rehearsal 85  -13 t * fr
HELLBASTARDS-ripper crust demo86  11t uk
HERPES DISTRESS- demo 84  4t yugoslavia
HONOR ROLE –demo 82 -9t  us
HONOR ROLE -‘’tarantula on my cock’’ tape sampler -9t   us
HOPE AND GLORY-''live alle caserne rosse'' bologna 84  7t it

IMPACT UNIT-demo 83"my friend the pit" us 6t
INDECENT ASSAULT –demo 83’’welcome to service’  uk
INDIREKT- demo 83  11t* nl
INFA RIOT- live at preston warehouse 29 april 82  11t uk*
INFLICTED NOISE-demo 82 - 6t  uk*
INJECTIONS/THE/ -demo82 hitt'n up * us 2t
IMPACT –demo 81 /uk/ 8t
IMPACT  demo 82/uk/ 2t
IRON CROSS-live82/9/17 wilson center-7t us*
IRON CROSS-live 83/3/11- 11t us*
IRON CROSS-live82/10/31-dc club- 13t us *
INDIREKT- demo83 11t* netherland
INSANITY DEFENCE -demo83-  13t * us
INSOLENT RESPECT - demo86- " sleazy politics" 8t * us
INSTANT AGONY-demo83- 7t uk
INSTIGATORS  -demo 82 " is this what we want" 4t uk *
INSTIGATORS- live  14 september 85  12t* uk
INSTIGATORS- live 23 march 85  15t* uk
INSURECTION –demo84- 14t   australia
INTERTERROR- demo85  7t* spain
INTENSIVE CARE –demo 83/05- 7t*  uk
INTENSIVE CARE –demo 84- 9t  uk
INTENSIFIED CHAOS -demo 82- 5t*   us
IRON SHEIKS- live 5/6/87 century hotel- adelaide 14t* australia

JEZUS AND THE  GOSPELFUCKERS- live79 amsterdam    3t* holland
JEZUS AND THE GOSPELFUCKERS-live04/10/80- 8t*holland
JESTERS OF CHAOS -demo 88- 11t us*

KAMPFGAS- demo 82 ? - 8t deutschland *
KEKKONEN HEROES  -demo84"tveksan existens" 14t * sweden
KILL JOYS- demo77   4* t uk
KOMINTERN SECT -rehearsal 84-  6t   fr*
KREATIVNI NERED-demo93 - 6t yu
KROMOZOM 4-demo84"hard core fun" 14t france*
KROMOZOM 4-demo85/02-'' miam, miam, caca,coucou'' 8t fr
KU DE JUDAS-live 85/01/20   6t* porugal

LAMA-live at 100club 22/12/81 13t finland
LAMA-demo80-5t finland
LAMA-demo/live81-12t finland
LE PENDU –demo  11t   uk
LES PROPHETES AUX DOCS COCKEES- rehearsal 87- 12t * fr
LES PROPHETES AUX DOCS COCKEES- rehearsal 87- 12t* fr
LIONS PRIDE-demo 89'oi for america''  10t* us
LIVING/THE/- am music -demo83  7t* us
LUNATIC FRINGE-’’a last tape’’ -13t   uk
LOSS FOR WORDS-demo87  5t* us
LOST CHERREES-" nothing new" live/rehearsal 83  20t * uk
LOST CHERREES- live at ashord 24 january 83 9t uk*
LÖWENBOIS- demo 9?  8t germany

MACH  3-demo83 pogogeil  14t deutschland
MAD ARE SANE /THE/ -demo 83- 7t   uk*
MAJOR ACCIDENT-rehearsal 81 15t* uk
MAJOR ACCIDENT-rehearsal82  3t* uk
MAJOR ACCIDENT-live in holland 84* 10t*
MALICIOUS GRIND -demo 87  9t us *
MALICIOUS  SODS -live 82/04/12 adelaida    australia
MALIGNANT GROWTH-demo83"nobody cares"-6t* us
MALIGNANT GROWTH-reh 83/02/03  22t * us
MANIA –demo 82/ep/ -6t   uk
MANIACS "attack" demo dec.82   19t*
MASS APPEAL -demo87 " 3t* australia
MASSACRE GUYS-demo83 10t* us
M.C.D -demo82   6t *  spain
MECHT MENSCH-demo  82- 6t us
MENACE -demo79 5t* uk
MENTAL/THE/ "mental breakdown"- demos 79/80 13t* uk
MENTALLY- "american dream" demo 8t us
MG 15 -" caos final" demo83 6t  spain
M.I.A -demo83   10t us
MIERDA RADIOACTIVA-demo85-4t* spain
MILICENTS/THE/-demo94 -5t  us
MINISTRY OF TRUTH-demo84  13t* us
MISERABLES-demo84 "atake  masivo" 5t* sp
MOB 47 –demo 83 ''vi kan''-13t* sweden
MOB 47- demo 84-  7t*sweden
MOB 47- demo85-13t*sweden
MOB 47- demo86- 10t*sweden
MOB /THE/ -demo 81" ching" 9t   uk
MORAL RATS-rehearsal 85 12t* fr
MORNINGTON  CRESENT-demo82 11t* holland
MORS AUX DENTS-demo89-"mille raisons de gueuller" 12t fr
M.S.T-demo86  7t * fr
MUTANTS/THE/-demo85 "what  is this world ?" 13t * australia
MUTUAL FEAR- demo83   3t * uk wales
NABAT -live 82/05/8  -12t  italy
NAPALM DEATH -demo 85-hatred surge  9t uk
NAPALM DEATH- demo86-from enslavement to obliteration  13t uk
NECROPHILIA-demo 83 -6t yugoslavia
NECROS- demo81 6t* us
NECROS-demo82-8t us
NEGATIVE APPROACH- first demo 05/81 - 10t  us
NEGATIVE APPROACH- demo for ''7''- 9t  us
NEGATIVE GAIN-demo 85  13 t canada *
NEGATIVE FX -demo82  8t* us
NIET - demo 83 5t  yugoslavia
999-capital radio session  78' 4t* uk
NO CONTROL –demo 86- 10t  australia
NO LABEL -demo 81  -7t*  uk
NO LABELS- ''no core'' tape comp.No Core Records 82 -15t us*
NO LABELS- ''Jayne Doe'' demo83' -15t us*
NO MERCY-demo83  3t us
NO RESPECT -demo82- 4t  uk
NO SYSTEM-demo 85  6t* us*
NO THANKS -demo 82  8t*  us
NO WAY OUT-demo82 -7t uk
NPI-rehearsal 84  -7t spain
NPI - demo85 - 5t spain

 ODI  SOCIAL/L'/-demo86  13t * spain
ODI SOCIAL/L'/-live85  13t *  spain
ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE- demo 83 10 t  yugoslavia
OI POLLOI-demo84 last of the mohicans 8t* uk
OI POLLOI – demo 85- destroy system-  9t uk*
OFFENSIVE WEAPON- demo 83  17t *   uk wales
OFFENSIVE WEAPON -rehearsal 83 - 7t* uk wales
OFFENDERS -demo 01/83-  11t  us
OFFENDERS-live at cbgb's 85  10t* us
OFFSPRING -session 86  - 6t* us
ON PAROLE –demo 82 -5t  schotland
OPPRESSED/THE/- live 1/06/83- cardiff top rank 15t* uk
ORGANIZED CHAOS -rehearsal 80-7t/live81-9t uk*-"in the 80' "" tape
ORGANIZED CHAOS- pickwick studio 82  10t* uk
OUT OF HAND- demo8? us 7t
OXBLOOD-demo93  -14t* us
OXBLOOD- live 92 ? 29 t * us
 PARTISANS/LES/ -demo95 "aujourd'hui et toujours  12t * fr
PARTISANS /THE/- demo 81 11t* uk
PARTISANS /THE/- demo82  3t* uk
PARTISANS /THE/- live 1/04/82 lyceum 15t   uk
PARTISANS /THE/- live 22/11/81 lyon house-stenage 20t*  uk
PARTISANS /THE/ -live  at 100 club 81/12/8  14t * uk
PASSAETAS -demo81   4t  brasil
P.B.N.S.K- rehearsal83 - 8t* sp
PATEX -demo-6t deutschland
PATROL - first session demo studio 80/09'- 10t* uk
PATROL-second session studio 80'- 10t* uk
PERDITION – demo 83-  15t   australia
PERDITION-demo 84- 14t australia*
PERDITION-demo83 " 6pack cassette" australia*13t
PERDITION –rehearsal 83 /04/27 -19t  australia
PERDITION -rehearsal 19/12/82  -19t  australia
PERDITION –demo 83 "you don't have to..."-  9t   australia *
PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES -live 1/04/82 liceum 14t*  uk
PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES-live 100club  8/10/85 19t*
P.H.B-demo 87  -11t*  panama
PIST 'N' BROKE-demo ''drinkin for aliving'' 4t us
PIST 'N' BROKE-soundboard cuts from atlanta 4/12/93  4t us
PLAGHUE /THE/ demo 84  7t *  uk
PLAGUE /THE/ demo 85  6t*   uk
PLASTIC SURGERY-rehearsal 84-11t*italy
POISON IDEA-first demo at bones kitchen-june 81 -9t*  us
POISON IDEA-rehearsal 81 - 13t* us
POISON IDEA-live 84-at kboo -9t us
PROGRESSION CULT-demo81 5t* austalia
PROGRESSION CULT- demo ? 3t* australia
PROHETES AUX DOC'S COKEES/LES/- rehearsal87 5t* fr
PROHETES AUX DOC'S COKEES/LES/-rehearsal 87  12 t * fr
PPG -demo83-  9t us*
PSEUDO SADISTS –pseudo sadists- demo 81-8t *  uk-wales
PSYCHOS-demo84  7t us
PUBLIC NUISANCE-demo82  13t  australia
PUNETAZO- live in  mondragon 86 7t*  spain

Q.E.P.D -demo 87  6t* perou
QUOD MASSACRE- demo83  4t yugoslavia

RADICAL LEFT-demo82- 8t us
R.A.S –live a massy 84  fr 15tr  
RAPACES/LES/-demo ?? 8t* fr
RAPT-rehearsal85/09  -7t * fr
RAPT-rehearsal 86- 7* fr / bob new singer+ mike on guitar/
RAPT- noise session 86 -6t* fr
RATOS DE PORAO –demo 82- 11t  bresil
RATTUS-live pietarssary 29/ 6/85 -14t finland
RATTUS-live at huset,arhus,denmmark 22/6/85-20t finland
RAZOR BLADES-hateful touth-demo82  14t denmark
REBELS/THE/- best of- 32t  uk
REBEL ARMY ''live a viserba  di rimini'' 84- 5t it
REBEL TRUTH -demo83 monkey's paw 2t* us
RED ALERT –demo 81- 4t  uk
RED ALERT-live lyceum 1/04/82 -14t* uk
RED ALERT-  live at skunx 19/02/82  16 t * uk
RED TID ''rundown'' -demo 11t canada
REJECTED /THE/- 1st rehearsal 2/02/85  australie 6t *
REJECTED /THE/  2st rehearsal  5/02/85 australie 7 t *
RESIDUOS NUKLEARES-demo  3t* sp post epidemia pre antidogmatikss
RESISTANCE  77– demo 82-8t   uk*
RESISTANCE 77-live 82 -live at Chesterfield White Swan 82 - 10 t uk *n 1982
RIOT CLASS -demo 85/04  12t *  belgium
RIOT CLASS -reh 85  6t  * belgium
R.I.P- live mondragon 86- 13t* spain
RIP OFF -demo 82- 13t  italy
RIP OFF - demo 84 ''triclore'' italy-8t*
RIISTETYT-live in usa 84-23t finland
ROTTWEILER-demo "maudit" ? 8t fr
RUBELLA BALLET- live 82 live at starlight, london 12t* uk

 S.A.S-sing along songs   demo 83  13 t uk *
SACRILEGE-demo84 -  4t uk
SCHIZOPHRENE - demo 85 4t fr *
7 SECONDS -demo ''compromise'' 87  19t   us
7SECONDS-demo 80 "drastic measures" 6t * us
7 SECONDS -demo 81"socially fucked up" 12 t us *
7 SECONDS- demo 82 " 3 chords politics"  14 t * us 
SECTION 5- live25/2/87 -the royal standart-london  12t* uk
SEDATED –demo 82- 5t uk
SELF ABUSE-demo82 ?- 7t* us
SEPTIC SAW BLADES- demo86 -6t   australia
SHAM 69 -live78/02 - 9t* uk
SHASTA COUNTY UNDERGROUND- rehearsal 94 ? us 24t *
SHERWOOD-demo83 "tout reste a faire" 11t* fr
SHIT SA-demo84  7t spain
SHRAPNEL -demo's 82/88   16t*  uk-wales
SICK OF IT ALL-demo86 -9t us
SIDA- live84  12t ch*
SIEGE -demo84  6t us *
SILLY KILLERS -demo82  3t* us
SKEWBALD-demo81-4t  us*
SKIN DEEP-demo 84 – (1) – 4t  uk
SKIN DEEP –demo 84 (2) -4 t*  uk
SKIN DEEP-live 25/2/87 the royal standart-london  8t* uk
SKINT -demo 83  3t*  uk
4 SKINS -live 83 /panther on voice/- 14t* uk
4 SKINS- live at bridgehouse 9/03/81- 12t* uk
4 SKINS-live 08-usa  alentown uk
SKIN UP – demo 84 -4t  uk*
SKIN UP – rehearsal 84- 11t *  uk
SKINS ARMY-  demo 85 7t*  italy ex rip off
SKREWS/THE/- demo 83 4t* uk
SKREWS/THE/-demo 85 july - 5t + practice 86 -4t uk *
SKREWS/THE/ -live at 100 club  7 august 86 - 12 t  uk *
SKUNK -demo81-  5t australia
SKUNX OFFENSIVE- rehearsal 8?  9t* fr
SKULLS/THE/ -demo 84  7t* italy
SLAUGHTER-demo85  13t* canada
SLIPS & SPERMA-/pre MG 15/  demo83   6t* spain
SLUGGO -demo84 -6t* us
SOTLIMPA-demo82 "kakatill middag" -10t sweden
SOTLIMPA-demo83"on the street  again" -13t sweden
SMART  PILLS –demo 84-7t   uk
SNOBLSAKT-demo83?-9t sweden*
SOLVENT ABUSE- demo 82- 16t  uk
SOLVENT ABUSE –live 82 -6t  uk
SOCIAL DISEACE- ''the world at ransom'' demo83 - 4t*  uk
SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA -demo''casero'' 86-  5t*  columbia
SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA- demo-studio 01/87- 5t*  columbia
SOLDIER OF DESTRUCTION -live at skunx  6/03/82- 10t*uk- demo  13t us*
SOLDIER OF DESTRUCTION -live at skunx  31/03/82- 15t*uk
SPERMBIRDS/THE/ -early session 80'"dirty words demo"  7t* deutschland
STATE OF ALERT -demo 81-  8t   us
STRESS - st martin in the field youth centre  15t uk* 
STRESS D.A demo 83- 13t yugoslavia
STRIKE /THE/- demo80? other version 5t* /  bad sound/  uk
STRIKE /THE/ -rehearsal80?  4t*  uk
STATE OF ALERT -demo80 - 7t  us
STUPID HUMANS –demo 80/03-3t  uk
STUPID HUMANS- demo 80/01 -11t   uk
STUPIDS /THE/ –demo  84- 8t * uk
SUBARBAN MUTILATION - demo 83  19t* us
SUBARBAN UPRISE -demo-live 86/87 5/6 t * us
SUBARBAN SLAG -demo 83? -9t canada
SUBHUMANS -live 3/04/82 skunx -20t *    uk
SUBHUMANS- live 21/08/82 skunx 14t *uk
SUBHUMANS-live at paris  8/10/83 -18t uk
SUBHUMANS-live live at warminster 10/11/85 -18t  uk
SUBHUMANS/A-HEADS " 14 months to go" swindon 14/05/82  9t/15t * uk
SYSTEM /THE/ -‘’thought control’’ -13t  uk  
SVART PARADE-demo84-21t sweden

T.C.A-demo 83?-live+laugh+love   10t deutschland
TEEP'N  TEEPATIX- rehearsal 28/12/89  - 7t fr *
TEEP'N  TEEPATIX- live viroflay 01/90  16t * fr
TEMPLARS/THE/-session 92- 12t * us
TEMPLARS/THE/- diff.live's 29t * us
TEMPLARS/THE/-rehearsal 25 july 97- 18t  us*
TEMPLARS/THE/demo 93 -17 t* us
TEENAGE WARNING -demo83"thought of war"- complet session,outakes, diff.version. 27t*  us  
TEREVEET KADET-live pietarsaari 29/06/85 28t finland
TERMINAL DISASTERS – demo 81- 13t   uk
TOXIC AVENGERS- live87/ date unknown / 7t australia *
TOXIC WASTE -"unite ro resist" -studio 83- 9t / practice 83 - 12t * ireland
TOXOPLASMA –demo 81 -11t   deutschland

U.B.R-demo83  11t* yugoslavia
UNAWARE- demo 82-  5t*  us
UNITE BOYS- demo91 5t* japan
UNIT PRIDE-demo87  -7t us
UNNATURAL SILENCE-demo83 -20t* ca
UNTOUCHABLE- demo81-4t us
URBAN ASSAULT -demo82?- 6t us* 
URBAN DISSIDENTS/THE/  demo82 -5t* uk
US DISTRESS - "14 songs, oh boy" demo 14t* us

WARBOY"futil living" demo82 11t * us
WAR OF DESTRUCTION-demo''warchild'' demo81  8t denmark*
WAR OF DESTRUCTION-demo''war of destruction'' demo82 15t denmark*
WAR OF DESTRUCTION/BAD MADS-split ''dansk punk'' 1Ot/9t  denmark*
WAR OF DESTRUCTION-live in germany84 2Ot  denmark*
WAR OF DESTRUCTION-demo82/09 F'DI  13t*
WAR WOUND –demo 83- 8t  uk
WAR WOUND –demo 84- 8t  uk
WEST SIDE BOYS - rehearsal/demo  14t t*   fr
WASTED TALENT -"self rule" demo83 us* 12t
WHIPPING BOY - tape 82'  20t* us
WHITE FLAG -demo83  5t* us
WHITE PIGS  - demo83  11 t us *
WHITE TRASH -demo82 *  10t  us *
WOPF/THE/  demo83 +V/A titles,9t   us
WRONG BOYS  -demo 82   13t*  italy

V/A-black riot/blotch/kraft durch freude/razor blade/pleasureless vibration ceremony/ -denmark*
VANDALES/LES/ -demo84  7t * fr
VARUKERS/THE/ - live in leeds 4/1/84 20t * uk
VARUKERS/THE/- live 86/04/19 swansea comunity centre 16t* uk
VARUKERS/THE/ - live 83  10 t uk *
VARUKERS/THE/  - live 84   14 t  uk*
VERBAL ASSAULT- demo 84  9t * us
VERBAL ASSAULT-demo85 "the masses"10t* us
VERDUN- demo84 - 6 t  fr*
VERDUN - session 84 - 4 t fr *
VENGEANCE-demo83 12t us
VICE SQUAD-demo79- 6t uk*
VIOLATION –demo 83-17t   us
VIOLATION –demo 83- 15t     us
VICIOUS RUMOURS –live 87- 16t  uk*
VICIOUS RUMOURS –live/reh. 83/87-22t  uk *
VICIOUS RUMOURS  - demo/rehearsal 83 - 7t uk
VICIOUS RUMOURS-live at adam +eves 14/05/86 -14t uk*
VICIOUS RUMOURS-  last rehearsal88  19t* uk
VICIOUS RUMOURS- live in belgium-J.Coupe on voice-17t * uk
VENOM –demo 81''phase 3''-  11t   uk-wales
VENOM -first  demo-80  7t*  uk -wales
VOICES OF BELLEVILLE- demo 99 -  15t * fr
VOMITO SOCIAL - 28/06/86  11t spain

X-RAY SPEX -demo77''rough trade demo's'' -10t uk*
X-RAY SPEX  - session  4t uk * 
X-CRETAS-demo 82 /2/ 8t * uk
XPOZEZ –demo 81 -"22 songs tape"demos and live   22t *   uk
XPOZEZ -demo81- full session for first ep- 6t uk*
X-S -demo82  15t  uk *

 YOUTH PATROL - demo81  12 t * us

ZERO POINT/THE/ -tzp-  demo81 10t denmark*
ZERO DEFEX-demo82  17t* us



ACTION DISSIDENTE-demo ?  8t * fr
ALTO PALO-  demo85 -9t*  fr
ALTO PALO -demo 86- nation et pouvoir"  10t  fr

BOHSE  ONKELZ -demo 79 -7t   deutschland
BOHSE ONKELZ - demo 81 -10t   deutschland
BOHSE ONKELZ -demo 82 -7t   deutschland
BOHSE ONKELZ -demo 83 -9t   deutschland
BOOT BOYS -reh.- 2t   fr*
BOOT BOYS demo/1/- 3t* first voc.  fr
BOOT BOYS "enfant de la crise" – demo/ 2/- 85 -7t  fr*  
BOOT BOYS -live 85 /06/15 -  7t   fr
BRUTAL ATTACK – demo 83-4t   uk
BRUTAL ATTACK -live84 - 13t uk
BRUTAL ATTACK -live at rac kenigington 19/11/83   14t uk
BRUTAL COMBAT – demo85- 6t  fr
BULDOK ''patriot'' demo92  14t czech republik
BULLY BOYS -demo 84  6t us *
BUNKER 84- demo85 - 7t fr
BUNKER 84- rehearsal 87- 8t * fr
BUZZARD BAIT -demo 85- 7t*  uk

CLOCKWORK ORANGE-demo 87- 4t* fr
5ème COLONNE- demo94- 8t* fr
CROSS-demo90 t* canada
DONALD DOC- rehearsal 9? pre nouvelle croisade 3t * fr
DSH – demo 2001-7t   fr
DSH- live 2003-9t   fr
EVIL SKINS –rehearsal 83- 10t   fr
EVIL SKINS -rehearsal8? - 9t* fr
EVIL SKINS-rehearsal 8? -9t* fr
EVIL SKINS -rehearsal 8? 3t* fr
EVIL SKINS-rehearsal 8?- 2t* fr
FINAL OFFENSIVE-demo 82-7t*  uk
FORCE D'IMPACT -demo85- 7t* fr
FORCE DE FRAPPE ‘’orange mecanique’8t* fr
FROCE DE FRAPPE -rehearsal 93 t* fr
FORCE DE FRAPPE/SPY KIDS- sessions 7 t fr*
INDECENT EXPOSURE-demo85- 9t  *  uk
INDECENT EXPOSURE-demo86 -9t*  uk
INDECENT EXPOSURE-  live in germany 08 - 18t  uk

KONTINGENT 88-demo  -14t    fr

LAST ORDER-demo85-2t* uk
LEGION 88-  first demo-rehearsal 85 -6t*  fr
LEGION88-demo86''notre europe'' -8t  fr*
LEGION 88-rehearsal 86- 12t*
LONDON BRANCH –demo 83-5t*  uk

MAX RESIST- demo93  3t us *
MISTREAT-demo 05/91 at voxit -studio,HLM -6t  fin
MISTREAT-demo for lp-faith&fury 12t  fin

NATIONAL SKIN-demo88 - 3t   fr *
NEW DAWN-demo85-2t*uk
NEW DAWN-live85 suffolk-5t* uk
NO REMORSE –demo’s-86/87- 25t  uk
NO REMORSE-live87-6t uk
NOVA NACAO- demo88  8t* brasil
NOUVELLE CROISADE-rehearsal 9? 7 t* fr

OÏSKANK- "combat urbain" -tape  8t * fr
OIFFENSIVE- demo93?- 8t*  fr
OIFFENSIVE - demo 3t* fr
OPEN SEASON ‘’frontline fighter’’ 13t- demo lp-tape version!  ausralia
OPEN SEASON-"rest in peace"-demo -2t* australia
OVALTINEES-demo82  10t uk

PETER AND THE WOLF- demo/rehearsal -13t  uk
PRIME SUSPECTS-demo87- 7t *uk
PUBLIC ENEMY-live85 suffolk-7t uk*
PUBLIC ENEMY- demo85- 4t+1live* uk

QUICK AND THE DEAD ‘’kick into’’-demo82-15t australia
QUICK AND THE DEAD -demo 81 - 22t  australia

RAZOR SHARP-live85 suffolk-5t uk*
RATTEN GIFT –demo 84- 9t  fr
RAT PATROL-demo83- 6t  fr*
RIPOSTE   -demo87-9t  fr

S.D.F  - demo91 ?  - 7t* fr
SKINHEAD CREW "rebelion" rehearsal 92 12t fr
SKREWDRIVER ‘’hail the new dawn’’+''white power''-demo’s 22t  uk/tape version not LP/
SKREWDRIVER ‘’we’ve got the power’’demo/live-12t/12t   uk
SKREWDRIVER’’blood and honour moderm’’-87/9/5-13t  uk
SKREWDRIVER ‘’live fast ham london’’85/03/30-16t  uk
SKREWDRIVER ''live at 100club'' 82 -12t  uk
SKREWDRIVER’’live at 100club 83/02/2- 12t  uk
SKREWDRIVER ‘’live st george day 87’’ 19t  uk
SNIX - demo 82 "for skinheads only" 12t * fr
SNIX- rehearsal 84  9t * fr
SNIX - session 85  6t * fr
SNIX - session 86  9t * fr
SNIX  - session 86  7 t * fr
SNIX - session 85/06/15  11 t*  fr
SNIX -session 85/07/13  5 t* fr
SPYKIDS/FORCE DE FRAPPE-rehearsal 7t* fr
TOLBIAC TOADS –demo-84 -6t fr
TOLBIAC TOADS-demo86-5t*  fr
TOLBAIC TOADS –ep/va-14t  fr
TOTAL DESTRUCTION demo 83- 4t*  uk
TOTENKOPF-demo 85- 17t *fr
TOTENKOPF-demo 85- 5t *fr
TOTENKOPF-rehearsal-9t fr*

ULTIMA THULE- demo85-11t  sweden
ULTIME ASSAUT -demo90- 10t fr
ULTIME ASSAUT-rehearsal 5t* fr
WHITE NOISE- demo87- 4t* autralia
WHITE NOISE- demo? 2t* australia
WHITE PRIDE –demo 83- 10t   us
VENGEANCE- ‘’1986’’-demo -7t  uk
VERDE BIANCO ROSSO-demo "padroni della  citta" 7t* italy

ZIVOTNIJE -demo/live 91-92   19t-  yu


* =trade for rare recording

ABADDON - jarocin '83live- first singer*
ABADDON - Jarocin '84 live
ABADDON - live '84- first singer*
ABADDON - live bydgoszcz '85
ABADDON - live "od nowa" toruń '84
ABADDON -live ,,od nowa'' torun 85
ABADDON - live- poznań 02.85
ABADDON - live "remont" warszawa '85
ABADDON - live "remont" warszawa 12.04.85
ABADDON - radio session - bydgoszcz '85
ABADDON - "róbrege" 85 live*
ABSURD - jarocin '86 live
ABSURD -differents live 85/86 *
ABSURD - live85''robrege''*
ACAPULCO - demo '86  
ACAPULCO - jarocin '86 live
ACAPULCO - jarocin '87 live
ACAPULCO- jarocin 90 live
ACAPULCO ''dalej od...'' live 92
ACAPULCO - live '86
ACAPULCO - rehearsal '89
ACAPULCO - session 03.86
ACAPULCO - studio "izabelin" '91
ACAPULCO - studio września '89
AGONIA - demo '85 - "miasto wolnych ludzi"
AGONIA - jarocin '85 live
AGRESOR -rehearsal 83*
AGRESOR-demo 84
AGRESOR- live 84 remont
AGRESOR -live85/12/27 remont''wigilia punkowa''
AL DO MORO - rehearsal 86
ALMA ATA-demo85-tape for jarocin .*
ALMA ATA -demo 85-tape for jarocin *
ALMA ATA-jarocin86 audition*
APATIA- live gryfino 89/12/16  
AKT ZGONU-demo 85 -tape for jarocin *
AMNESTIA-demo 83 tape for jarocin *
APATIA- live gryfino  16/12/89
ARMAGEDON - rehearsal '85*
ARMIA - "fama" 85  *
ARMIA - jarocin '86 live
ARMIA- live 86  lodz*
ARMIA - jarocin '87 live
ARMIA - live "akant" katowice '86
ARMIA - live kraków '85
ARMIA - live rzeszów '86
ARMIA - "robrege" 86 live
ARMIA-''robrege'' 85 live*
ARMIA-live 85 warszawa *"po za kontrola"
ARMIA-live88 warszawa *
ARMIA-live88/12/19 warszawa*
ARMIA-live88 torun
ARMIA-live 90/07/02 bialystok ''gwint''*
ARMIA-live91/06/27 bialystok ''gwint''*
AUSCHWITZ-demo 01/91
AUTSAJDER- demo/1/-85/ -tape for jarocin *
AUTASAJDER-demo /2/-85 -tape for jarocin *
AUTSAJDER-demo86/live86-tape for jarocin  *
AUTSAJDER -demo 86
AWARIAT - demo 84-tape for jarocin *
AWARIAT -demo 85 -tape for jarocin*

BARANKI BOZE- ''86-96'' demo
BIAŁE WULKANY - rehearsal '80*
BIELIZNA GOERINGA-live 86 jarocin
BIELIZNA GOERINGA-" po za kontrola" 85  warszawa*
BIKINI - jarocin '82  przesluchania*
BIKINI - jarocin '83 live*
BIKINI - live toruń '86*
BIKINI - live "wysypisko"-lódź '86*
BIKINI- live 86 *
BM BRIGADE- demo86
BM BRIGADE- jarocin 85
BOM  WAKACJE W RZYMIE -live 86 bialystok
BOM WAKACJE W RZYMIE-rehearsal 86 bialystok
BRAK - demo - live 80-82
BRAK - demo81
BRAK - live 81
BRAK -live 81 lodz
BRAK - rock galicja 83   live*
BRAK RAJSTOP-demo 85 jarocin tape 
BRAKI W UZĘBIENIU -demo 85 tape for jarocin*
BRYGADA KRYZYS - live "remont" 82/09/2 *
BRYGADA KRYZYS -live remont 82/09/4*
BRYGADA KRYZYS-rehearsal 81* /2/
BRZYTWA -demo85-tape for jarocin*
BRZYTWA OJCA-demo86 jarocin tape*
BTM-first demo -86
BTM-second demo87
BUNKIER -demo 84-tape for jarocin *

CELA NR3- demo 88
CELA NR 3- jarocin 87 mala scena
CELA NR 3- bialystok 88 live
CENTRALA UKLADU SLONECZNEGO-demo83 tape for jarocin*
CHIENY CMENTARNE-rehearsal  /projekt Bohun-ksu/*
CORPSE THE -first demo 85- tape for jarocin86 * 
CORPSE THE -demo 87(1)
CORPSE THE - demo '87(2)*
CORPSE THE - live 87
CORPSE THE-demo88''fight and rules''
CORPSE THE - live białystok 12.12.87*
CORPSE THE -live 88 jarocin amfiteatr*
CORPUS X-demo 82 tape for jarocin*
CORPUS X-demo83 tape for jarocin*
CORPUS X - reh '82-jarocin
CORPUS X - studio '83 szczecin
CORPUS X- gryfice 20/02/83 live*
CORPUS X - klub trans szczecin5/05/84 live*
CORPUS X- klub korab  szczecin 22/10/83 - live*
CRVENA ZVEZDA - (pre RED STAR) - reh '84 jarocin
CZTERECH KOPNIĘTYCH I FRED - jarocin '83 live*
CZTERECH KOPNIETYCH I FRED -live 83/11/30 torun
CZTERECH KOPNIETYCH I FRED-   live 86 hybrydy*
CZTERECH KOPNIETYCH I FRED- rehearsal 86 bialystok*

DAAB- demo83 tape for jarocin *
DAAB -live 05/12/85 bialystok-''gwint''*
DAAB-live86/09/12 bialystok*
DAJ DUPY ZA NALEWKE- live slawno 86
DDT - demo '81/?/*
DDT - live '84 gdansk-akwen*
DDT - live "akwen" 83
DDT - live "kolejarz" 87
DEFEKT MOZGU -demo 84 -tape for jarocin *
DEFEKT  MOZGU -demo85- tape for jarocin  *
DEFEKT  MOZGU -demo86-jarocin tape*
DEFEKT  MOZGU - jarocin '83 live*
DEFEKT  MOZGU-jarocin86 audition
DEFEKT  MOZGU - jarocin '87live 
DEFEKT  MOZGU- live bolesławiec '87
DEFEKT  MOZGU - live wałbrzych 13.12.86
DEFEKT  MOZGU-jarocin90 -mala scena
DEFEKT  MOZGU-jarocin90-duza scena
DEFEKT  MOZGU-jarocin91-mala scena
DEFLORACJA - demo '83 demo tape for jarocin *
DEFLORACJA -live '83 ''punk zadyma''live
D-FORMACJA  -demo 85/05/12 grudziadz
D-FORMACJA -demo 86/01/15 grudziadz
D-FORMACJA- demo85 jarocin tape
D-FORMACJA-demo86 jarocin tape -/live84/demo85/demo86/
DEKRET -rehearsal 85- tape for jarocin *
DEKRET -jarocin 87 *
DENAT -demo 91/01
DESTRUKTOR - demo '85*
DETONATOR-demo85 tapes for jarocin*
DETONATOR/TNT/ - demo82 *
DETONATOR BN-live87 jarocin*
DEUTER - live 12.12.82 sala kongresowa
DEUTER-live82/09/02/ remont*
DEUTER-live82/2// remont*
DEUTER - live '86
DEUTER - live chodzież '85
DEUTER - live opole '86
DEUTER -live86 lodz
DEUTER -live poznań '85
DEUTER - live "stodoła" warszawa '84
DEUTER -'' rock galicja'' live '82
DEUTER - róbrege '84 live
DEUTER-studio ''zlota skala'' 86*
DEUTER -live ostrow wlkp.86
DEUTER- rehearsal95 for lp
DEZERTER live jarocin 84  
DEZERTER -''punk inwazja '' live82 remont
DEZERTER- live 84- remont
DEZERTER- live 87/05/01warszawa
DEZERTER- live 82*
DEZERTER- live 82- jarocin
DEZERTER- live84- wroclaw
DEZERTER-live83- lublin
DEZERTER- live 83'' rock arena'' poznan
DEZERTER- live 86 krakow*
DEZERTER- demo 85 ''izolacja''
DEZERTER-live83* l
DEZERTER-studio 86*
DIE FALLEN- live 87/04/02*
DIE FALLEN -reh.86*
DIE GEWALTLOSEN-live85 robrege*
DIE GEWALTLOSEN-rehearsal84 jarocin
DIE GEWALTLOSEN-live85" nawojka"
DIRT -demo88
DIRT-sesja 11/08/88 m.o.k -slupsk
DIRT-sesja/2/ m.o.k-slupsk
DO DNA- szczecin dom kultury kolejarza 13/02/85
DO DNA -studio osrodka wrzesnia 07/87*
DO DNA -arp szczecin 86/12/22*
DO DNA -demo86-tape jarocin
DO DNA- rehearsal 88/02/18*
DZIECI KPT KLOSSA-demo85 tape for jarocin*
DZIECI KPT KLOSSA-live jarocin85
DZIECI KPT KLOSSA -live 86 szczecin
DZIECI KPT KLOSSA - live 85 warszawa "po za kontrola"*

ECHA WNETRZ-demo83 tape for jarocin*
EGZYSTENCJA -demo 87 remont session*
EGZYSTENCJA -live 85 ? bialystok*
ENKLAWA  -rehearsal 85/10,live85
ENKLAWA   -live 86 jarocin
ENKLAWA   -live 85 ,rehearsal 86
ENKLAWA   - live 86/10
ETA -demo 87
EKSHUMACJA -jarocin 83 live
EKSHUMACJA-demo 83 tape for jarocin*
EUTANAZJA- rehearsal 88

FANTOMAS -rehearsal;84*
FETOR-live82 lodz
FORT BS -live 84 -jarocin*
FORT BS -jarocin 85 live
FORT BS -rehearsal 85/full version/*
FORT BS-demo 86-tape for jarocin*
FORT BS -studio 87
FORT BS- live 88 walbrzych ??
FORT BS -rehearsal 90 *
FORT BS ''hooligans''
FORMACJA BRUDNY WIDELEC -demo86 -tape for jarocin *
FRONT-demo86 tape for jarocin*
FSHUT-reh 83/85

GALICJA-rehearsal 86 ?*
GALICJA-live 86 ?*
GALICJA -live90 kolbuszowa
GENERATOR-demo84- tape for jarocin*
GLANS PENIS-live lodz 89*
GLANS PENIS-live bydgoszcz88*
GLANS PENIS- demo91*
GLINA-demo83 tape for jarocin*

H.C.P- rehearsal 23/03/89*
H.C.P-rehearsal 15/05/89*
H.C.P- live koscian 89/06/10
HUCKENBUSH /DR/- vol 1+2  live81

ID- live "nawojka" 85
ID- live 85"po za kontrola"
 ID-studio "nowinki 87
ID-live15/09/88 krakow
IL 62 -demo's 82*
IL 62-live 89*
INSEKTY NA JAJACH- demo 83 *  first demo !!! ultra rare !!
INSEKTY NA JAJACH -demo 85-tape for jarocin*
INSEKTY NA JAJACH-rehearsal 84*
INSEKTY NA JAJACH - rehearsal 85*
INSEKTY NA JAJACH -rehearsal 85*
IZRAEL- jarocin 86 live
IZRAEL-robrege83 live
IZBA REPREZENTANTOW-demo83 tape for jarocin*

J-23- demo84 -tape for jarocin*
J-23 demo84-  /2/
JAROCIN 84 V/A audition- /agresor/die gevaltlosen:/sedes/awariat/piersi/crvena zvezda/bunkier//rekrut/

KARCER -demo85 jarocin tape
KARCER- demo 85/01
KARCER - demo 86
KARCER -demo kwf 89
KARCER -demo 87/01
KARCER-demo 87/88
KARCER -demos compilation 84/86
KARCER -jarocin 85 live
KARCER -jarocin 86 live
KARCER -live 86 szczecin
KARCER- live 85/09 slupsk mok*
KARCER -live 86/04 slupsk*
K.G.B-demo83 tapes for jarocin*
KLASZCZ /THE/- rehearsal 06/89
KLASZCZ /THE/- live szczecin 89
KLASZCZ/THE/- live 89/06/23 norwegia
KOLABORANCI- live87/11/14
KOMPANIA KARNA -rehearsal 03/88*
KOMPANIA KARNA -demo /03/87" kontrofensywa"*
KOMPANIA KARNA- live88/studio 89-"dlaczego tyle nienawisci!!?"
KONKWISTA 88 -''tape''
KONKWISTA 88- demo /1/
KONWENT A -live 86 szczecin "pinokio"
KRYZYS -sopot 80 live
KRYZYS- kolobrzeg 80 live
KRYZYS -live 80
KRYZYS rehearsal 79
KRYZYS/TILT-jam session 80 remont*
KRYZYS -rehearsal 80*
KRYZYS -live81 opole
KRYZYS -live 's 81*
KRYZYS- live 23/03/81 lipinski na  voc .
KRYZYS - live23/05/81 riviera
KSU -rehearsal 79 *
KSU- live 31/12/79 ustzryki*
KSU- reh.81*
KSU- demo 80*
KSU- demo 83 and other trax for session*
KSU -live 81 ustzyki
KSU- live80 kolobrzeg
KSU- live bialystok 86*
KSU-live 86

LALKI KALIGULI-demo86 tape for jarocin
LIZZIE BORDEN -live 85/05 legionowo*
LUMPERSI -demo90 - other version*
LUMPERSI- live90 robrege

 MADAME-live 84 jarocin-konkurs
MADAME-live  84 jarocin -final
MADAME-live85 jarocin*
MADE IN POLAND-live 84/05/12-krakow''pod przewiazka''*
17 MGNIEN WIOSNY-demo 84 -tape  for jarocin*
MGR Z WYCIETA PRZYSADKA-rehearsal85- tape for jarocin*
MGR Z WYCIETA PRZYSADKA- jarocin 86 live
MIKROFONY KANIONY- live 86 jarocin
MOSKWA -/ATOMOWA DEZYNFEKCJA/-first demo 83- Bugs on voice *
MOSKWA-demo84- original version-tape for jarocin*
MOSKWA -live jarocin 84 final
MOSKWA -jarocin 84 kokurs
MOSKWA-live 84 gdansk''akwen''*
MOSKWA -live 85wroclaw
MOSKWA-live 85 "fama"
MOSKWA -demo 86 ''nigdy''
MOSKWA- demo 86 ? / inna sesja niz nigdy/ *
MOSKWA - live 86 jarocin
MOSKWA- live 87 jarocin
MOSKWA- fama 87*
MOSKWA -live suwalki 92*
MASOWE POGRZEBY- rehearsal 83 ?

NADZOR-live 17/12/87-bialystok *
NADZOR-demo 17/01/88
NAGLY ATAK PADACZKI-demo86 tape for jarocin*
NATASHA -demo 85/03  *
NATASHA -demo2- 85*
NATASHA- jarocin 85
NATURAT /THE/ - rehearsal 84
NERWY -live 84
NIE BO NIE-demo86 tape for jarocin*
NIE BO NIE-live86 wloclawek*
NIESKOORDYNOWANY MOZG-demo84 jarocin tape*
NOCNE SZCZURY live 80,kolobrzeg80,reh.80
NOWO MOWA-demo84 /pre kobranocka/*

ODPAD -jarocin 86
OJCZYZNA -demo 91
OJCZYZNA- sesja 01/91
OJCZYZNA -demo-live90/92 bialystok
OJCZYZNA-wiosna muzyczna 91 bialystok
OJCZYZNA-klub "gwint" 91 bialystok
OKRES- demo 85
OKRES -jarocin 86 live*
OKRZYK SMIERCIdemo 86-tape for jarocin *
OKUPACJA 81 -live 87 ?
OKUPACJA 81 -live88 jarocin
ONE MILIONS BULGARIANS - live 86 lodz ''wysypisko''*
ONE MILONS BULGARIANS- session radio rzeszow86*
ONE MILONS BULGARIANS - live bialystok 86
OPAR -jarocin 84 live
OPAR -rehearsal 84*
OPAR-demo84-tape for jarocin*
OPOZYCJA -demo85,live85,live86
OVER KILL -rehearsal 85 tape for jarocin

P.F BRUT-demo for jarocin 86*
PANI K-rehearsal 86
PANKERFAUST -live 86 warszawa*
PANCERNE ROWERY-live 85 "po za kontrola" warszawa *
PANCERFAUST -demo85 tape for jarocin *
PARANOYA -demo 84 tape for jarocin *
PARANOYA-jarocin86 audition*
PARANOYA -jarocin 86 live*
PATOLOGIA CIAZY- demo 84 -full  session*
PATOLOGIA CIAZY- demo 83 tape for jarocin*
PATOLOGIA CIAZY live 83/11/30 torun *
PEPESZA -live87 poznan
PERE LACHAISE -live89 kielce
PHANTOM-live81 lodz*
PIERSI -demo 86
PIERSI-jarocin 84 live
PIERSI-jarocin 85 live
PIERSI -live 86 katowice*
PIERSI - live24/09/84 hybrydy
PIERSI - live27/09/86 remont  
PIERSI- opole 86 live
PKS -live 82
POLAND -rehearsal  81*
POLPOT  BOYS -rehearsal  86*
POLSKA -rehearsal 89
POLSKA- demo 89
P.O.X-demo86 jarocin tape*
POPLOCH WSROD DZIEWCZAT- live 86/04/06 szczecin klub "pinokio"
PO PROSTU -live 86 gdank*
PO PROSTU - live sopot87
PORZECZKA-demo83 demo for jarocin*
PROCESS -demo 85 /1/
PROCESS-demo85 /2/*
PROCESS-''robrege'' live 85*
PROCESS - jarocin 85 live*
PROGRAM 3 -jarocin 85  live
PROGRAM 3- jarocin 86 live *
PROSEKTORIUM -demo 82 tape for jarocin*
PROSEKTORIUM -demo 83 tape or jarocin*
PROWOKACJA -studio izabelin 91*
PROWOKACJA -jarocin 84 live*
PROWOKACJA-robrege 84 live
PROWOKACJA-jarocin 85live*
PUDELSI- jarocin 86
PUDELSI -hybrydy 87
P.T.D-demo 85

RAMZES & HOOLIGANS -live 88 warszawa klub mini
Rezerwowa Armia Pracy- demo 82 *
RAP -live 86 jarocin
RAYA -jarocin 87
RAYA jarocin 90*
RAYA- demo-studio89*
REBELIA -live 85/05 legionowo*
RED COPRPSE- demo 89 "dzien zwycienstwa"
RED FALLEN - live 88/05/08*
RED FALLEN -rehearsal 88*
RED STAR -live 86 rzeszow
RED STAR - live 86 krakow
RED STAR - live 86 jarocin
RED STAR - katowice 86 live
RED STAR - jarocin 86 rehearsal
REJESTRACJA -demo 82 tape for jarocin*
REJESTRACJA- demo82 ''kontrola"
REJESTRACJA -jarocin 82 live*
REJESTRACJA - jarocin 83 live*
REJESTRACJA - jarocin 85 live
REJESTRACJA- demo 83''darmowe wczasy''
REJESTRACJA- demo 83 /other/-tape for jarocin fest*
REJESTRACJA -rehearsal82*
REJESTRACJA -rehearsal 83*
REJESTRACJA -rehearsal 84*
REJESTRACJA -live 85/12 warszawa*
REJESTRACJA -live85 warszawa*
REJESTRACJA - live 13/12/85 torun
REJESTRACJA-live 85 ''robrege*''
REJESTRACJA -live 84 torun
REJESTRACJA -live 87/05 torun
REJESTRACJA -live 86/04 torun
REJESTRACJA - live 86 imperial
REJESTRACJA- gryfice 20/02/83 live*
REKRUT - demo84 tape for jarocin *
REKRUT -jarocin 84-live*
REKRUT-rehearsal 84-jarocin
RENTGEN-live 84/05 bialystok
REWIZJA -demo 85 ?
REWO  -demo's-diff.sessions 84/86*
ROZLAM -rehearsal 82 legionowo*

SAJGON-live86 warszawa
SAJGON /walbrzych/-demo 87
SAJGON/walbrzych/-live 88 walbrzych
SALVE-demo83 tape for jarocin*
SARAJEWO-demo83 tape for jarocin*
SARAJEWO -demo 84
SCANDAL- demo 82
SCIEK -demo 83 tape for jarocin fest.*
SEDES - live 83-jarocin*
SEDES -live 84 wroclaw
SEDES -live 84 jarocin +rehearsal 84 jarocin
SEDES-live84 wroclaw -bakara
SEDES - rehearsal 84  -bakara
SESJA PONAL -rehearsal 87*
SEX BOMBA --jarocin 86 live
SEX BOMBA-jarocin86audition